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Linear motion vibrating screen

Screening technology

tailor-made for all applications

IFE linear motion vibrating screens are used for screening of granulous bulk material. The robust screen frame is manufactured, depending on the application, either in welded or in bolted and glued design. These screens can be driven by one or several IFE exciter drives or by a pair of IFE unbalanced motors. IFE linear motion vibrating screens can be equipped with all different kinds of screen mats available on the market. The minimized height of the screen allows installation in restricted space.

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universal drive concept
universal drive concept
insulating frame for vibration damping
various suspension elements
various suspension elements
top or bottom drive
top or bottom drive
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No IFE linear motion vibrating screen looks like an other one. Every material and every application asks for a specific design. Client specific input of information is essential for specific design and screen use. Based on computer-aided dimensioning and comparison with samples from the huge reference list the optimized screen size and design is selected. All screen decks available can be used. Wear is minimized by selection of adequate material. Worldwide success in all kind of industries proof this approach.

IFE exciter drives from our own production are manufactured using first-class components and  feature maximized lifetime of the bearings. Decades of experience in designing such screens results in optimized and adequate excitation and maximized efficiency. The screen can be accelerated up to 6g and still boast bearing lifetimes of 100.000 hours or more. Highest reliability, even in harsh conditions, is the proven result.

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nominal length up to 11000 mm
nominal width up to 5000 mm (single deck screen)
nominal width up to 4000 mm (double deck screen)
nominal width up to 3200 mm (triple deck screen)
multiple deck variant available in special design
deck inclination 0 - 15° declining
accerleration of machine up to 6g
driven by IFE exciter drive (seven sizes available) or by unbalanced motors



  • high specific feed rate
  • very robust design
  • tailor-made for broad variety of applications
  • maximized acceleration, also for large size machines
  • all screen systems available can be used
  • optimized drive concept
  • high availability


Production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings


Production of glasses of primary and secondary raw materials (e.g. recycled glass)


Mining applications, opencast and underground mining for all kinds of ores


Production of wood chips, pellets, fiber board


Coal mining and coke production


Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Processing of scrap metals of all types and origins


Production of all types of metals


Includes gravel, sand, industrial minerals


Application examples

References and Industries

Sand and Gravel

206 Machines in AT, KR, SL, IL, NO

Steel and metallurgical plants

174 Machines in AT, KR, GER, USA, FIN

Recycling industry

135 Machines in AT, DE, PL, CH, NL

Wood industry

135 Machines in AT, S, GER, CH, BE