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Plastics production

Fractionation and speration of magnetic impurities

Unmixed and metalfree

Mechanical processing of plastics from packaging, separate collection, commercial waste and production residues

Plastics offer advantages in many areas simply because they are so versatile. Flexibility and optimal coordination of the numerous processing steps are required. In order for plastic products to be manufactured or recycled again, an extremly high degree of purity must also be guaranteed. IFE devices enrich the plastics processing process and ensure sorted and metal-free fractions.



The efficient separation of impurities (e.g. Fe and NF) is of great importance for many fractions.


Our experts select the right solution according to the customer-specific requirements.

Diverse setting options

Changes in the material or in the application can be compensated by existing setting options.


Two of our most important principles are reliability and customer service.

IFE machines process among aothers

High intensity magnetic drum KHP-Z for the separation of stainless steel

  • Material: Plastic waste from separate collection
  • For the separation of stainless steel from a previously magnetically separated fraction
  • Average field strength greater than 1000 mT