Flachglasscherben Detailaufnahme

Glass and ceramics production

Removal of impurities with IFE

Similar and yet different

Conveying, screening and magnetic technology for all use cases

The greatest possible purity of the input materials is a prerequisite in the production of glass products and ceramics  to obtain the required product properties. The removal of impurities must be tailored to the downstream production process. For these tasks, IFE supplies individual machines consisting of vibrating feeders, grates and (classification) screens, but also magnetic separators in all possible designs.


Robust & reliable

Ambient conditions such as dusty air as well as wear and tear require robust and durable machines that can withstand them.

Low maintenance and long-lasting

Individual customer processes require tailor-made solutions. Based on specific needs IFE develops the perfect solution.

Customized solutions and "special designs"

The glass and ceramics industry has been one of IFE's core competencies for decades.

Decades of experience

IFE has been active in this industry for many decades.

IFE machines process among others

How to convert cullet into high-quality industrial products

Glass bead manufacturer SWARCO transforms old fragments of glass into reflective glass beads for road markings. The current article shows the important role, that IFE plays in this process.

Waste glass, glass granules, ...

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