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Scrap industry

Process scrap and recover valuable metals

Innovative processing methods form IFE

Guarantees for resource conservation and optimally cleaned scrap for profitable commercialization

With hardly any other secondary raw material is recycling as important as with scrap. Auto shredder facilities have been the go-to place for scrap recycling for many years. Moreover, there are many other scrap recycling types and facilities. In addition to the common materials such as steel, aluminum, copper and lead, many other special metals are concentrated and prepared for recycling. The added value and environmental considerations of scrap recycling thus form a perfect combination in terms of the circular economy.


Added value

High output rates combined with high purity are the goals in terms of added value.

Innovative material handling methods

New solutions and updates also enable the processing of ever finer material flows.

Various setting options

Changes in the product or in the application can be compensated by existing setting options.

Comprehensive application knowledge

Our experts make the right separator selection for the customer-specific requirement and offer technical support.

IFE machines process among others

  • Aluminum scrap
  • Chips
  • Cans
  • Scrap iron
  • Light shredded material
  • Heavy shredded material
  • Cable and electronics scrap
  • Refrigeration equipment shredded


More about the material scrap

Insights from metal recycling specialist CCR


The metal recycling facilities of Clayton County Recycling (CCR) Inc. are located in the Middle West of the USA. They collect, process, recycle and trade both – ferrous and nonferrous metals. A wide range of IFE machines is operating there, reliably fulfilling several screening and separating tasks...

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