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Cement production - Refuse derived fuels

IFE devices for the production of fuels

Generate high temperatures with waste

Achieve consistent qualities from highly fluctuating inputs

The co-incineration of waste in the form of RDF (refuse derived fuel) is one of the most effective measures for decarbonizing high-temperature processes such as cement production. Special attention must thus be paid to the calorific value-oriented processing of (plastic) waste. IFE supplies individual machines, such as feeders, screens and magnetic separators, adapted to the input material available on site.


Insensitive and low-maintenance

Highly variable input material requires equipment that is insensitive to fluctuations in quantity and quality.

Comprehensive portfolio

IFE does not only supply machines for individual applications, but covers almost the entire solution with its wide range of machines.

Customized solutions

Individual on-site conditions require customized solutions. IFE develops the perfect solution based on your needs.

Decades of experience

IFE has been dealing with RDF since they have been an issue in the industry, so extensive know-how is available.

IFE machines process among others

Customized processing technology from a single source

For more than 20 years, IFE has been supplying screening, magnetic and conveyor technology for the processing of refuse-derived fuels. They are not only used for removing impurities such as metals and stones. IFE screening machines reliably ensure uniform grain sizes and thus a high-quality end product.