Recover valuable materials from recycled materials of various kinds

Optimizing material flow and screening results with material handling technology from IFE

Screening, sorting and magnetic technology from a single source

New and rapidly changing material compositions as well as shrinking product sizes combined with higher collection costs pose major challenges for waste management. In addition, the use of plastics is expected to increase in all material groups in the future, further displacing metallic materials.

A prerequisite for waste recycling is the processing of waste by type. In screening, but also in the sector of ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation, the right selection of suitable processes is an essential success factor, which is guaranteed with IFE machines.

Types of garbage

  • Commercial waste
  • Household waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Waste incineration slag
  • Plastic waste
  • Mixed construction waste
  • Construction waste
  • "Yellow bag"
  • RDF substitute fuel

Filtered impurities

  • Fe
  • NE
  • Material suitable for landfill

Reliable machines for your waste processing

Blockage free household waste screening

The largest IFE waste screen (3000 x 8000 mm) will also be used in a large-scale project for the treatment of domestic waste in Russia.

The project includes the operation of an automated and state-of-the-art Russian material recovery plant with a capacity of 150,000 t of household waste per year and a landfill of non-recyclable waste with a volume of at least 160,000 t per year.