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Scatter and distribute

The uniform and constant distribution of bulk materials is an important step for further processing, many devices require a certain layer height of a grain for their function. Vibratory feeders and vibrating spreading plates from IFE are precisely adapted to the respective material and thus reliably fulfill their task over a long period of time.

For the successful separation

The uniform distribution of the feed material over the entire width of separators is one of the key factors for successful separation. Inline feeding is the most commonly used method for this purpose. However, special installation situations also require alternative solutions. In the case illustrated, diagonal feeding by means of an IFE vibratory feeder enables the corresponding feed onto a two-meter-wide IFE eddy current separator. 


Conveyor technology

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In the right place at the right time
The vibratory feeders have laid the foundation for the very good reputation that our company has enjoyed for many decades.