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Coal mining

IFE devices for processing valuable primary raw materials

Large tonnages and fine dust

Application-specific versions as a must

When extracting primary raw materials such as coal, large quantities are moved, and at the same time further processing steps require perfectly prepared intermediate products. Due to the variety in this field, the applications require tailor-made solutions. For this purpose, IFE supplies individual machines but also complete solutions consisting of (hopper) discharge feeders, grates and (classifying) screens, but also magnetic separators.


Robust & reliable

Rough working conditions and ambient conditions call for robust and durable machines that reliably meet the demands of mining.

Customized solutions

Individual customer processes require tailor-made solutions. IFE develops out the perfect solution based on your needs, for every input material and for all capacity requirements.

Decades of experience

IFE has been supplying for the mining industry from the very beginning and has thus been able to acquire extensive industry and application know-how.

Broad Portfolio

IFE not only supplies machines for selected applications, but covers a large number of applications, including those that are not highly obvious, with its wide range of machine solutions.

IFE machines process among others

Screening of lignite

Where conventional screening machines become blocked or stuck, special screening machines for very demanding tasks are required. This is where the flip-flop screen TRISOMAT from IFE comes into use.

In a Czech coal processing plant with a connected power plant, eight IFE flip-flop screens for the screening of fraction "nut 2" as well as coarse dust from lignite went into operation.

Coal, coke, anthracite, ...

More information on how coal is processed with IFE can be found here: