Glasscherben Titelbild


New glass is created from broken glass

Specialist for screening and sorting of waste glass

Glass cullet is highly abrasive and during processing a fine fraction (sands, dust) is produced which acts like sandpaper. IFE machines are supplied with optimized wear plates and the drives are protected against dust penetration. In the processing of waste glass from households, IFE is a leader in the removal of impurities such as labels, corks and caps.

Tasks with the material

Types of glass

  • Waste glass
  • Broken glass
  • Glass batch
  • Glass granules

Filtered impurities

Iron and aluminum interfere with the melting process and destroy the transparency of the new glass. Bubbles form in the new glass due to different melting temperatures.

Loose paper residues, e.g. from labels, but also biological residues must also be removed.

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